Introducing: The Credebt Club

The Credebt Club 

We are very proud to present The Credebt Club, the latest addition to our services, specifically aimed at small businesses who are looking to get paid on time, every time.

Consistent cashflow is the lifeblood of any successful business, yet many suffer from late payments and subsequent lack of cashflow. In fact, not having enough cash is THE biggest challenge for any business, and in our experience the leading cause of insolvency.

It is our mission to ensure that every UK business of any size has the ability to maximise cashflow within their business, by managing the risks of trading on credit and effectively collecting debts as they fall due. And that’s why we created the Credebt Club.

The Credebt Club allows businesses to take control of their entire credit system with processes and resources which have been designed specifically to make sure they get paid on time. This allows the business owner to focus on managing and growing their business.


  • Free Credit Check reports ensure that they only give credit to customers who are creditworthy.
  • Our suite of templates helps businesses get credit control right from the start.
  • The Document Library contains every document you need for effective credit control, from N1 claims forms to statutory demands.
  • The dedicated Support Helpline allows businesses to contact us for help on particular challenges


Credebt Club Key Benefits

And from only £60 per month, it is affordable for even the smallest business.

Click here to find out more, or to join the Credebt Club.

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