Remote collections

We find ourselves in extreme times. At Credebt we remain committed to serving the needs of our Invoice Finance and Insolvency Practitioner partners.

When those tough decisions have been taken, and thoughts turn to the practicalities of Sales Ledger realisation in a ceasing-to-trade situation, Credebt can help.

Here is the timeline on a 3-hour turnaround for a New Case taken on remotely!

This is a great example of how we can adapt our approach to the new norm whilst collecting cases.

The result was a 3-hour turnaround and we have everything we need to effect the collect out!

In short, no need to risk a visit and no need for physical paperwork.

We know that all cases won’t be like this over the coming weeks and months, but we can be truly adaptable.

We have had a few like this in the last week or so and can offer the comfort that we can get these done quickly when systems allow.

How can we help?

If we can assist with any cases in your pipeline, please do not hesitate to call to discuss.

Call Glen Morgan on 07780-865416 or email

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